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Review: Izzy Mant-Polite Club at Underbelly Bristo Square

Review: Izzy Mant-Polite Club at Underbelly Bristo Square

Can politeness be pathological? Can you actually be addicted to
politeness? After a bruising encounter with a careers advisor, these
are the questions Izzy Mant was forced to ask herself. The show
explores these questions through Izzy’s last serious relationship and
she has slides, videos and a dancing cardigan to help set the scene
for the audience. Was she a controlling maniac? Yes. Has Izzy learnt and
moved on from this? Maybe.

Izzy’s opening joke that she looks like a young Theresa May dressed up
as SamCam for a party is so eerily exact that a sense of uncanniness
colours the rest of the show. You never quite feel that this is taking
place in the real world, her stories are surreal and her impressions
even more so.

The show’s loose-wheeling structure embraces a quiverful of comedic
styles from quickfire punning to interpretative dance, from the
scatological to the pratfall. At times the stop and start of switching
between these different modes can make the show feel slow or
fragmented but then again there are moments of pure hilarity, Izzy’s
innate politeness helping to wrongfoot the audience leaving them
perfectly set-up for the next joke.

Izzy Mant- Polite Club is on at Underbelly, Bristo Square – Dexter, 14:50, Aug 3-11, 13-26