Lucie Pohl: Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Real at Gilded Balloon

Star of the popular video game Overwatch, Lucie Pohl gives us her take on newfound success as a voice actor.

Pohl is a good storyteller as she details her experiences at Comic Con, with past partners and her travels around the world. This grants the opportunity to express her vocal talent by mimicking those she has met through her experiences: from the Overwatch-obsessed teens to suave Greek lovers and fellow convention guests.

While interesting, the humour behind everything didn’t really land – a couple of chuckles here and there but that was about it. The set felt rushed as if trying to get everything out before time was up. Pohl brings her high energy and quirky nature to the forefront which are fantastic traits to have but only added to how hastily the set went on that night. Towards the end, there was a heart-on-the-sleeve moment that – while compelling – felt out of place, ending the show on a slightly awkward moment.

In fairness, Pohl did suggest in the beginning that the show was written last minute. Taking this into consideration and with a bit more refinement, Pohl is onto something. It would have been nice to have seen more of the character based gags as they went down a treat. Maybe after a few more runs it will be better, but as of this moment, it unfortunately was not.

Lucie Pohl: Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Real runs until 26th August, 9:00pm, Gilded Balloon Teviot

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