Review:l Paul F Taylor: Odd Paul, The Stand Comedy Club 2

Embracing his penchant for an absurdist comedy, Paul F Taylor returns to the Fringe reminding us all to stop being so bloody serious – that there is power in being silly.

From knock-knock jokes, old-school puns and more accents than Tory frontbenchers could stomach, Paul F Taylor has a feel for his routine. Superb at reading the crowd, Taylor knows precisely who to involve and how to engage.

Even with a preview show, there is a skeleton of tremendous ideas. It’s still early Fringe days, new venues and crowds which won’t respond to jokes which lose their context North of the Border, but Taylor is fully aware of this. There are a few niggles to work out which no doubt, will evolve beyond his first show.

What one wouldn’t expect is Taylor’s rather engaging physical performance, nor his acting chops. Without giving the game away, there’s a lot of character play in Odd Paul. Almost every creation works, even the ones who falter are down to the crowd more than Taylor. 

In a Fringe which will no doubt will tackle politics, injustice and a certain fresh-faced clowning Prime Minister, Paul F Taylor offers something different. A set rife with witty puns with an engaging nature and silly jokes which are smarter than they may first appear. So much so, a few laughs occur once the audience has caught up with the gag…

Paul F Taylor: Odd Paul, The Stand Comedy Club 2, 13.20pm, August 1st – 25th (not 12th)

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