Review: Snort at Pleasance Courtyard

Words Harry Seymour

Coming all the way from New Zealand to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time is Snort, an improvisational comedy show featuring Rose Matafeo, Guy Montgomery, Alice Snedden, Eli Matthewson and Chris Parker. Taking cues from audience participation, the troupe performs silly and hilarious skits, riffing off one another’s energy wonderfully. 

With no set narrative, it is down each of the comedians’ individual personas (whether camp, weird, or ditzy), to carry the show. Collectively however, it’s these differences in style that provide riotous results, and despite being put firmly on the spot, every participants’ quick wits provide the goods. If Whose Line Is It Anyway? ever gets a reboot, these would be the best people for the job. 

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