Review: Confetti and Chaos

Confetti and Chaos is a fantastically funny immersive dining experience, giving you front row seats as all your greatest wedding anxieties play out over a 3-course dinner. Not much goes right and its all the better for it.

So what can I say about the happy couple? Well until my fellow 24 or so other wedding crashers and I sat down, not a lot, it being the first time any of us had met the bride, groom and impressive array of other characters all brought to life by this four strong cast. Rest assured however, it took no time at all for us to be on first name terms and when it was time for the first dance, not a single guest was left seated.

It was reassuring in fact to see how quickly the room felt at ease, awkward table plans striking fear into the hearts of even the most socially confident individuals, this was never the case here. Audience members were quickly and seamlessly written into the story as characters they were only too happy to play along with, a testament to the formidable improvisational skills of this cast and the trust they were able to instil in the room from the offset.

A show like Confetti and Chaos is of course hindered and helped by its audience, in this case excellent and with a few drunken aunties of their own. This withstanding, they certainly felt like a cast adept at coaxing the best out of people, ensuring no guest was left out whilst respecting boundaries just enough so that no one was left feeling uncomfortable; those with an aversion to audience participation fear not.

Though no real detraction, when it came to the food, the tomato, mozzarella and pea shoot starter was the only dish that really stood out amongst a 3-course dinner that included pork, mash and a ‘wedding cake’. Whilst the ‘only there for the food’ wedding freeloaders might leave disappointed, you get the feeling it would have been worse had it been the more memorable takeaway. Maids of honour maybe, but has any bride ever really been upstaged by a pork chop?

Cringe inducing and at times chaotic, only occasionally veering too close to the edge, Confetti and Chaos is an enjoyable afternoon for fans of immersive theatre and carry-on style capers equally. Cheap gags, inappropriate wedding guests and a few confusing song and dance numbers: just like the real thing then.

Confetti and Chaos, Imagination Workshop, until 26th Aug, 5pm

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