Review: Do Our Best at Underbelly Cowgate

Do Our Best, is a simply hilarious, complex gem of writing. Girl guide ‘Sephie’ is thirty and is attempting to finally achieve her entertainers badge for the fourth time. Actress Remy Beasley stunningly guides a show that explores grief and mother-daughter relationships. 

Precocious and bossy, Beasley’s creation of ‘Sephie’ is a self-obsessed monster. With slightly demonic eyes and bullying tendencies, she strops around the stage giving the audience her back story, peppered with fun interactions. She is a genuinely hilarious character, spouting offbeat, sassy lines that have the audience in ripples of laughter. A sharp-witted script and snappy direction from Hannah Banister, Sephie is performed in a beautifully bizarre but believable manner. 

Sephie deflects her grief with humour but as the play continues, it evolves into something more poetic and poignant. The uniqueness of this piece is the amalgamation of acute comic timing and the ability to really evoke an emotional response. The introduction of ‘Brown Owl Maureen’ and the gradual insight into Sephie’s relationship with her mother is explored in a devastatingly comic way.

Do Our Best is a precious piece that will seep into your soul and deep into your funny bones. Promise to do your girl guide best and snap up a ticket whilst you can! 

Do Our Best, Underbelly Cowgate, until 25th Aug, 2.50pm

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