Review: Gabby Killick: Girlfriend From Hell- Bitch is Back at Underbelly

Gabby Killick’ has many of the attributes needed for a cracking show. She has a quick tempo, gutsy energy and the ability to story-tell with a fiery spirit. Her show Girlfriend From Hell – Bitch is Back is a punchy hour of sketches that make light of stalking ex-boyfriends, pre-drink rituals, partying and getting so spangled you find yourself conversing with a spider… 

… Gabby comes off as being pretty gobby …to put it bluntly. Her material is spiced with sass but sometimes urs on the side of being overly bitchy; not always sitting well with the audience. The creativity within her sketches is glaringly evident and there are true cackle worthy moments, however, some of the sketches ramble on interminably and lose the potential they definitely could acquire. 

Gabby impersonates a spider, a bottle of Chardonnay, Tinder and much more in her show, highlighting her acting talent and brazenness in expressive storytelling. Exploring being portrayed as a ‘psycho ex’, being a fiend for social media validation and life hacks when partying, the themes fall short of feeling fresh but Gabby’ spicy bravado is wickedly watchable. 

The title of her sketch song Attitude and Asses, is an indicator of the flavour of what Girlfriend From Hell entails. If that sounds like your cup of Chardonnay, make sure you catch Gabby’ show, oozing stage presence, she is one to watch!

Girlfriend From Hell- Bitch is Back Underbelly, George Square – The Wee Coo at 8 pm

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