Review: Grace Campbell - Why I'm Never Going Into Politics at Gilded Balloon Teviot

Grace Campbell’s debut Why I’m Never Going Into Politics – is a feminist comedy. It explores the successes and failures of the Blair Government, being a millennial feminist, and how being Alastair Campbell’s daughter inevitably impacted her ego.

A sell out show, yet the performance noticeably divided the audience in two. There was an evident split in both: generation, and by how much of a fan they are of her father – Alastair Campbell.

Grace’s “fanny fart” and dildo jokes landed well with her millennial audience but struggled to engage the older half who either didn’t like a confident woman talking about her sex life, or who wanted an insider scoop on her father’s life – not her vagina. It was hard not to empathise with Grace when a woman visibly shook her head at any mention of menstruation or masturbation.

This is a political show, one that unashamedly addresses the assumptions the audience might have of Grace’s family by doing a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section, including The Iraq war, her opinion on said war and whether she had “blood on her hands”.  A hard gig for a debut.

Despite being (very obviously) billed as a political comedy, it seemed that only half the audience deemed her feminist humour to be political – Tony Blair being considered all the more political than menstruation or patriarchy.

This performance suffered, not due to comedic talent, but due to marketing and audience expectation.

Grace Campbell: Why I’m Never Going Into Politics, Gilded Balloon Teviot – Wee Room, until 26th Aug, 3.15pm

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