Review: Heidi Regan: Heidi Kills Time at Pleasance

There can’t be many other shows in Edinburgh this year with a passionate take on climate change as its core message which leaves you torn between whether you should become an activist or instead run home to guard your families priceless Aztec amulet from the threat of a Sun God.

Swapping last year’s acclaimed Heidi vs Sharks side of stage PowerPoint presentation delivery for a more conventional stand-up approach is a seamless transition. You can see the cogs working in overdrive throughout as Heidi manages to swing herself from one thought branch to another in quick succession whilst maintaining a chilled out delivery style. 

At 4:45pm in a sweltering room, the comic is up against it from the off with three painfully distracting Chinese hand fans in the audience wafted throughout like some sort of continuous hand fan Mexican wave, although to be fair these could have acted like mini wind turbines, so in a way maybe that was comforting. It’s a bit of a workout to keep track as there’s so many clever tangents that one or two in attendance at times look as though they’ve been asked to spell their name backwards, such is the pace of the show.

Those that manage to decipher the time travel jargon are rewarded with clever well-worked metaphors which detail personal battles with over-worrying about everyday issues leading to sleep deprivation and a golden story about travelling back in time to watch Harry Potter with a young Hitler.

 If time travel existed, the first thing you’ll want to do is go back and watch this show again.

Heidi Regan, Heidi Kills Time, Pleasance Beside, until 25 Aug, 4:45 pm

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