Review: Jack Barry: Alien at The Banshee Labyrinth

Jack Barry knows how to make an entrance. Bouncing down the stairs towards a massive projection of his gurning face, dressed head to toe in yellow, there’s an instant sense that you’re in for a good time, and he doesn’t disappoint.

Alien is a great blend of good old fashioned observational humour, self-deprecating stand-up, and political commentary. A major preoccupation for Jack, as someone in a relationship with a person who’s not native to the UK, is the change in our political climate from the reasonably tolerant environment we had in years past, into the more nakedly hostile one we have today. He blends these different elements together masterfully, with perfect pace and timing, one joke flowing into the next. Some self-aware sidebars and more rapid-fire jokes only work to further enhance the combination.

There are only two things that puzzle me slightly; one is Barry’s decision to not take his political observations a step further, into actual critiques or satire, as it feels like an arena he would do excellently in (and does already, as a writer for Mock the Week). The other is the fact that this is on the Free Fringe. A serious bargain, and well worth going to see – arrive early to grab a ticket, they were already gone when I arrived nearly an hour before!

Jack Barry Alien is at The Banshee Labyrinth at 8.55 pm until the 25th

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