Review: Jack Tucker - Stand Up Comedy Hour, Belly Button, Underbelly Cowgate

Zach Zucker becomes Jack Tucker, the world’s worst (but best!) comedian for a rip-roaring hour of top-notch clowning, outrageous jokes and riotous physical comedy. Jack Tucker is the hapless bad boy of comedy; complete with a stained cheap suit, an undone zipper and a pint in his hand that he only manages to spill on himself. His spits, swears and swaggers onstage; hurling around microphones and frenetically zipping across the stage. He’s aggressive, overdramatic, all-American. His wife’s left him – he’s problematic, rude, cries fake news and doesn’t believe in climate change. And he’s absolutely hilarious. 

Zucker is unbelievably good at parodying the bad comedians we have all seen before: his set is complete with the token disgusting jokes about blowjobs, having sex with his wife and of course, incredibly banal observational comedy that may as well be examining the tendencies of buses to arrive at the same time. His energy is incredible and his character is almost faultless for how outrageous he is. This is entirely complimented by some of the cleverest sound design and operation I have seen; the rapport between Zucker and his director as they react to each other onstage is genuinely hysterical and the audience cannot help but be swept up in the manic and crazy persona that he has created. The sound on this show is turned right up, and there’s no question that this show is intense, but I would watch it again in a second. You’d be mad to miss it. 

Jack Tucker – Stand Up Comedy Hour, Belly Button, Underbelly Cowgate, 9:20pm

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