Review: Jayde Adams – The Ballad of Kylie Jenner's Old Face

Wow. You have to see Jayde Adams’ show. You have to be there when all the sequins and the fluff fall away to reveal a phenomenal stand up, and probably one of the most important comedy voices of her time. And make no mistake, this is her time.

She is taking huge risks with this show, stripping back all her trademark glitz and standing up for compassion, individual thought and being yourself. It is both a pleasure and a privilege to watch this happen. Jayde has researched her topic (feminism, ‘cos there’s not enough people here talking about it) and we get all four waves in an explanation that combines factual accuracy with a lot of laughs.

Jayde is a glorious teller of appalling stories, and a merciless dissector of female icons. You will never think about Beyonce’s crotch the same way again. Her analysis of the power of the Serious Black Turtleneck is both spot on and ridiculously funny. Fans of Angelina Jolie might find it upsetting. Yes Kylie Jenner makes an appearance (when does she not ?), old face and new, sisters, parents and brother, as do Little Mix and the Spice Girls because this is feminism without a degree in Gender Studies and How To Weaponise Them.

Jayde is, she tells us, very far out of her comfort zone. But she takes every single one of us with her, to the extent that, on the basis of the toe-curling story she unleashes about going for a posh meal with her boyfriend, there is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris that really should be thinking about increasing its insurance against random acts of revenge by enraged Fringe audience members.

When a really good comic finds their voice, it’s thrilling to watch. When they use it to do what Jayde is doing, it’s better. When they manage to do that and have a huge room of people laughing, out and loud in joy, at the fresh funnies she is carving out of an old topic, it is about as good as it gets. Awesome woman. Awesome show.

Jayde Adams: The Ballad of Kylie Jenner’s Old Face, Pleasance Courtyard, 31 Jul – 25 Aug, 9.30pm

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