Joe Jacobs: Grimefulness, Just the Tonic at the Caves- Up the Road

Joe Jacobs’ laugh out loud Grimefulness fuses the most unlikely of two genres together rapping over heavy grime beats about ‘woke-ness’ and wellbeing in today’s society. 

Jacobs is well-liked by the audience who are quickly warmed to his dry sense of humour, self-deprecating comedy style and astute observations of everyday British behaviours. The result is a performance that flows well with the perfect amount of rap, comedy and audience participation. 

Although from the outline you would think Grimefulness is an easy target for comedians in 2019, the show is in no way obvious with each bit and joke sharing a nuanced, fresh opinion. 

Taking on more complicated themes like anti-semitism, feminism and toxic masculinity, Joe’s bits are in no way attacking these topics or those marginalised which is often an easy route for comedians to go down. Instead, Jacobs thinks out of the box to bring each piece back to the lyrics, turning the concepts on their head and offering a fresh perspective. 

The way Joe interacts with the audience is a true highlight of the show as from the offset he does this to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Across the hour show Jacobs banters with chosen audience members and picks this up again and again making it feel like a true part of his show. 

Jacobs is one to watch and will only go from strength to strength with each performance. 

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