Review: Kai Samra - Underclass at Pleasance Courtyard

Kai Samra debuts at the Edinburgh Fringe with a beautifully paced exploration of the U.K. today touching on topics from knife crime and the cookie monster to Tommy Robinson and Dale Winton’s tan.

Completely at home on a cramped and intimate stage, Samra won over the audience first as confidents and then as friends… The show flowed so perfectly he was able to break off midway through when he realised a member of the audience went to the same school as his cousin before effortlessly falling into stride.  Samra manages to pack his show with insights on “Racism, Fascism, Right-Wing Politics- ya know- funny stuff” tying all these together with a mixture of outlandish stories and personal recollections. A heart-wrenching retelling of his brother’s struggle with bullies and racism at a local private school is tied into an anecdote of an interview with Tommy Robinson and with a deft stroke of empathy and storytelling leaves us imagining the EDL hard man as a young boy bullied at school. 

With such an impressive debut it is exciting to imagine what Samra will go onto to achieve, but, for now, I simply cannot recommend this show enough. At times haunting and others uplifting, it is consistently hilarious.

Kai Samra is at Pleasance Courtyard – Bunker Three at 7 pm until the 25th

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