Review: Kate Lucas- is selling herself at The Tron

Kate Lucas is selling herself, quite literally, in the dingy basement of The Tron this evening. Her legs go for £50 each, her arms fetch a less flattering £17, while a suspiciously eager member of the audience raises her belly to £100. This, Kate tells us, is her response to a society that degrades and commodifies us, that demands we advertise ourselves as young, healthy, confident individuals, lest we fade into obscurity with the other undesirables.  

This may sound like a strange affair so far – and it is – but Kate has her audience practically singing with laughter from start to finish. Her show is a medley of darkly comedic songs that strike at the heart of everything that’s wrong with today’s society: from the insanely unrealistic standards of TV advertising to those unbearable people who think they’re God’s gift to the world, there is little that escapes Kate’s melodious wrath. The unequivocal highlight is a song in which she assumes the robotic persona of Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, a man whose failures in romance have led him to take revenge on the entire human race by reducing us all to a binary code of ones and zeros.   

Kate says she lacks the confidence to make it in today’s dog-eat-dog world, but her performance tells a different story. Her delivery is razor-sharp and her interactions with the audience can often be scandalously bold. There are a couple of weak links in the melodic chain (feeling superior because you shop at Waitrose has surely been done to death), but overall, Kate’s bawdy humour and her innate likability make for a thoroughly enjoyable evening of musical comedy. 

… Is Selling Herself runs at The Tron every day at 6:20 pm (except the 12th) until 25 Aug.

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