Review: Laura Lexx: Knee Jerk at Gilded Balloon Teviot (Turret)

The world is a scary place. What with messy international politics, global warming at its peak, technology at the brink of taking over and sexism and nationalism still at large, it’s a wonder we can laugh at all. Yet, award-winning star of Live at the Apollo Laura Lexx has found a way to crack us up, with her brand new set Knee Jerk. 

Lexx enters the stage with such energy the audience is captured at once. ‘And though she be but little she is fierce’; her opinions and jokes are larger than life.  She’s able to read her audience so easily, and as such, cleverly edit her set as she deems appropriate – a sign of a truly talented professional. The jokes don’t stop coming and the room is filled with roaring laughter prompted by witty one-liners and terrifying societal issues.

Lexx wears her heart on her sleeve and is open about her fears of the future. Knowingly accepting that she is not alone in this matter she shares her coping tips with an already captivated audience. This makes for an extremely funny hour, where those present forget to cry about the state of the world and chose to laugh instead.

It’s not surprising that Laura Lexx: Knee Jerk is almost sold out.  Her comedy cleverly aids our pain and makes us question the importance of being a good person in this day and age. This is a magnificent show, one you’d be a fool to miss.

Laura Lexx: Knee Jerk, Gilded Balloon Teviot (Turret),31st July – 25th August (Not 14th), 5:15 pm

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