Review: Lolly Jones: I believe in Merkels @ Roxy Assembly - Downstairs

This superbly titled show opens with a touching scene in which Jones interviews her mum, Babs, a gorgeous creation in a pink fluffy dressing gown whose gradual change of heart over Brexit forms the arc of the story.

Jones is renowned for her incredibly impressive lip-syncing skills, which are put to adorable use to bring Babs to life, along with a raft of European leaders including the titular Angela Merkel, the fabulous Nicola Sturgeon and the eternally struggling Theresa May. The show is extremely well crafted, mixing political satire and burlesque in gloriously unexpected ways. It’s hard to look at the SNP logo in quite the same way afterwards.

Jones is accompanied by two excellent dancers (who play roles such as Nigel Farage and Philip May to hilarious effect), the trio performing exquisitely choreographed routines at breakneck speed between political speeches such as May’s tragic resignation speech, delivered in full zombie get-up.

Jones’s Marine le Pen is suitably horrific, and even Anne Widdecombe gets to relive her Strictly days as she’s dragged around the floor spouting her usual bigotry. Seriously sharp satire meets deliciously surreal visual spectacle in a thoroughly enjoyable hour. The music is great too; real euro trash. Without giving too much away, one of the absolute highlights is Merkel’s chosen mode of transportation. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

I Believe in Merkles runs at the Assembly Roxy – Downstairs, 20:00, Aug 6-13, 15-25

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