Review: London Hughes: To Catch a Dick @ Pleasance Courtyard - The Attic

Even before she enters the room, London Hughes’ energy radiates through the crowd as Beyoncé’s “Diva” greets them as soon as they arrive. However, it must be said that the bravado and confidence that comes from listening to “Diva” is merely a sample of the attitude Hughes brings with her performance.

Brimming with charisma and energy, Hughes has a brilliant way of making the crowd feel like they are friends with her despite their lack of a relationship. Adding to this feeling of friendship and familiarity is her anecdotes (which include but are not limited to a boyfriend with foot fetish, dates gone horribly -and hilariously- wrong and being fired from a porn channel) that construct a dynamic similar to that of a catch up with an old friend. A very funny old friend at that as these stories along with her lively performance made constant waves of laughter from the small sea of people in the sold-out crowd.

Her interaction with the audience was masterful as she conversed with them frequently and improvised some jokes around those she spoke with. This not only allowed her to demonstrate just how skilled she is at observational comedy but engaged the audience due to the inviting and fun atmosphere it created, allowing the audience to feel like they were talking to a sister or a best friend, not merely being talked at by a stranger.

While her overtly raunchy sense of humour may be considered too brash and bold for some, those looking for an hour of pure hilarity and unsexy sexuality will find their perfect match in London Hughes.

To Catch a Dick runs at Pleasance Courtyard – The Attic, 20:15, Aug 6-11, 13-25

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