Review: Loyiso Gola: Pop Culture at Pleasance Dome

This feels like a show that could pack out The Grand from a comedian that’s levitating at the top of his game. 

Loyiso Gola is a household name in his native South Africa, so it’s a little surprising that he’s not one of the names on everyone’s lips at the Fringe this year. 

Pop Culture has tangents aplenty, but there’s a real sense of purpose to such a well-oiled sixty-minutes. The more laid back filler sections feel somewhat messy, but act as a welcome break for the mind to catch up with the information overload that Gola offers up in generous portions.

There’s no walking on eggshells in this show, he says it how he sees it, which some may squirm at, but he backs up his points with well thought out justification for the most part. At times it resembles a laughter-fuelled TED talk with the audience hanging on every word. 

Relatable topics help motor the hour along; subjects covered included plane food, classic films and social stereotyping. All of the aforementioned are delivered in a laid back style from a comedian that’s overflowing with confidence. 

It’s easy to take a punt on a show you know nothing about and leave feeling underwhelmed and slightly miffed that you threw a tenner down the drain (or £16 if you include the pint). You won’t get that with this show, there’s a reason Loyiso Gola is such a smash-hit in his native South Africa. Chances are you’ll walk out having learnt something (keep in mind the tarantula and the frog ) and enjoyed some big laughs along the way. 

Loyiso Gola: Pop Culture at Pleasance 10 Dome, until 26 Aug,  7:00 pm

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