Review: Lucy Beaumont: Space Mam at Pleasance

A smart, brave and endearing concept which could really take off, but for the time being remains grounded on planet earth. 

Forty-five minutes in the company of Lucy Beaumont with her homemade anecdotes is a welcome way to see in the evening in the Pleasance Courtyard. Battling through a slightly hesitant start, and an alien mask scene which possibly arrived too early in proceedings, once the show gets into gear, it’s a truly genuine and thought-provoking set which can’t have been easy to write. 

There’s nothing to dislike about Beaumont, she’s a joy to listen to, with her tales of struggling to adapt to parenting; how it feels like something of an alien experience at times. With a run-time of forty-five minutes, the show is a little on the short side, though this could be down to audience participation segments varying depending on the level of commitment from the crowd on any given day. 

There’s the token mention of saving the planet, veganism and hard-hitting Netflix documentaries which appear to be the buzzwords for comedians this year, in keeping with the current climate. These additions seem slightly disjointed given the theme of the rest of the show, however, you sense Space Mam is still in its adolescence, very much still finding its feet and there are promising signs that this could develop into a highly important hour which addresses a topic that not enough comics are vocal about.

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