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Review: Matt Richardson – Imposter at The Tron

Review: Matt Richardson - Imposter at The Tron

When a show is described as involving audience interaction, there’s a degree of responsibility at the door of the audience. It was abundantly clear from the off though that a good number in attendance at Matt Richardson had read into this as much as they read into the terms and conditions of their last Apple update.

Matt Richardson took the setback in his stride and went with it as best he could and thankfully his persistent, Gaviscon fuelled energy piggybacked the rest in attendance through to the end.

A seasoned professional, Richardson’s not one to beat around the bush and he ploughed headfirst into a variety of toe-curling topics that other comedians wouldn’t touch with a bargepole, including unexpected toilet disasters and a five-minute segment on tampon instructions which was met with several big laughs in amongst the deafening silence. Through more near-fatal audience interaction, it would later transpire that around three couples in the audience were in the adolescence of dating, so the lack of getting on board was potentially down to the PC barriers still not having found their boundaries.

Enough about the atmosphere (or lack of) though, with so much of the show reliant on an on-side crowd, you could compare Imposter to a packet of jelly beans, there will be one or two cinnamon flavoured ones along the way that leave a bad taste, but there’s every chance you’ll land a watermelon and it will make your day.

Matt Richardson, Imposter, Just The Tonic at The Tron, until 25 Aug (not 12th), 9:00 pm