Review: Micky P Kerr - Kerr in the Community at Underbelly

He dazzled Simon Cowell, making it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2018 and he was equally well-received by the intimate audience at the Underbelly. Micky’s hour-long set is packed with music, pop videos and a mixture of envy and hatred for Ed Sheeran.

Micky is friendly and chatty with the audience – becoming best friends with a man named Gavin in the front row by the end of the set. He is a great observational comedian, sharing a familiar tale about dads and their dissatisfaction with pretty much everything. His stand-up is good and gets the laughs, but where people genuinely get excited is when the music starts.

Micky unleashes a ‘high-tech bit of kit’ called a loop-pedal, synonymous with his arch-enemy, Ed Sheeran. He creates numerous riffs with the aid of some choice curse words. One of the best moments of his set is where he demonstrates that he has found the key to becoming a successful musician. He takes his inspiration from artists like Bob Dylan, Gabrielle and the Bee Gee’s and asserts that as long as you have one catchy line, the rest of the song can be nothing but vocalising and everyone will love your hit. His impression of Barry Gibb is spot-on, and gets a rapturous response. Micky is a funny guy, and his inoffensive, observational humour lends itself well to musical comedy.

The highlight of the set comes in the form of his ‘music videos’, for two songs ‘I Saw You at the BBQ’ and ‘Hottest Track in the World’. The music videos are hilarious with lyrics as equally funny and get a great response. A little bit of audience participation – with a starring role for Gavin – rounds off a pleasant hour nicely, where the frizzy-haired Northern comic kept everyone well-entertained and in good humour.

Micky P Kerr: Kerr in the Community, Underbelly, until 26 Aug, 5.45pm

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