Review: Moon at Pleasance Courtyard

Northern sketch comedy duo Moon present an hour of fast-paced and delightfully playful comedy, entertaining the audience with a series of quick skits, longer sketches and cheeky audience interaction. Billed ‘one of 2018’s best-reviewed Fringe shows’ and having enjoyed their self-titled debut, my expectations for the show were undoubtedly high, but Jack Chisnall and Joshua Dolphin did not disappoint the packed-out audience.

The boiler suited ‘soviet Ant and Dec’ skilfully utilise elements of physical and observational comedy to make fast pace sketches with unexpected and absurd punchlines: the duo’s inherent charisma shines through in their performance making for an hour of pure joyful comedy and silliness. Their observational sketches, one hilariously examining logical inconsistencies of the Monopoly universe, illustrate their bizarre and surreal worldview as performers and are simply hilarious, eliciting real belly laughs from the audience.

Their framing – that the Pleasance Below is trying to kill them – is really effective and allows for some outlandish physical comedy and amusing dark turns. There is a certain edginess to their work – I can confidently say that Moon have changed the way I think about Peter Pan and Thomas the Tank Engine for the worst, and have ruined some of my favourite nostalgic childhood memories. They do so in such a cheeky manner that one can’t help but forgive them. Moon give us a rip roaring ride through their own surreal senses of humour.

Moon is at Pleasance Courtyard, until 25 Aug, 9.30pm

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