Review: Nick Elleray: Big Nick Energy at Counting House

“Life wasn’t meant to be easy”, Nick Elleray quotes from his favoured Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser which immediately sets the tone for what to expect.

Big Nick Energy starts humbly – Elleray setting up his own mic in the attic of the Counting House. No glamorous entrance. No booming voice introducing performer to stage. It wasn’t necessary as Elleray is the average Joe who’s ready to make you laugh at the world. 

A practitioner of meditation, Elleray’s show is an invitation to his own self-assessment. He delves into analysing the negative aspect of himself: anger issues, restricting masculinity, and his disappointment in his beloved Rolling Stones. Elleray represents a man of his era who struggles to get his head around modern-day life.

But the show is far from doom and gloom. Elleray is a positive pessimist that takes life in his stride. Using himself as a catalyst, the show gives its audience the ability to laugh at societal pressures – even if just for this moment. Big Nick Energy is a brilliant blend of jokes observing the good and bad sides people can possess, all while Elleray effortlessly flows through the set. Even if life wasn’t meant to be easy as Fraser suggests, Elleray sure makes it more bearable.

Nick Elleray: Big Nick Energy runs until 25th August (no show on 12th), 12:45pm, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

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