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Review: Patrick Monahan, Started From The Bottom Now I’m Here at Gilded Balloon

Review: Patrick Monahan, Started From The Bottom Now I'm Here at Gilded Balloon

“Be yourself!” Is the message on Patrick Monahan’s lips as he tells you why you shouldn’t put a washing machine in a caravan. The room is full of a damp sweaty audience, glad to have refuge in the Gilded Balloon from the thunderstorms outside. Patrick’s got one of those great Northern English storytelling accents with a twist from his Iranian passport and Irish father.

The jokes are all about the execution and less about great content. It’s like a pack of space invaders rather than kettle chips but they are deliciously nostalgic. Some stories don’t quite have the momentum to gather laughter all the way through, but at points, almost everyone in the room is laughing out loud.

They laugh as they relate to his stories of growing up in a working-class background and compare it to the upbringing of his middle-class wife. He sketches a real-life picture of our diverse UK and how it was integrating into some of the hostilities of the 80s. Patrick seems like a nice and genuine guy, you’ll want to be his pal by the end of it.

So, if you want some lol-tastic tips on how to use a launderette and all you can eat buffets then this is the show for you. Trigger warning: vegans and immigrants may be mildly offended. 

Patrick Monahan, Started From The Bottom Now I’m Here is at Gilded Balloon until the 25th at 8 pm