Review: Phil Nichol- Too Much at Monkey Barrel

Fringe veteran Phil Nichol opened his new show Too Much by saying he was in a weird mood. Translation: he went into comedic overdrive.
Nichol creates a welcoming atmosphere by playing his guitar as the audience takes their seats. For the soaking crowd caught up in the downpour outside, it brightens up a so far gloomy Fringe. This hour is Nichol’s revolt against uniformity as he tells of the stern, work-absorbed people he has rubbed the wrong way. From hard-faced ticket collectors to pushy personal trainers, Nichol demonstrates how his eccentric self gets around these situations.

Nichol is a beast on stage: right out the gate, the audience is in his hands with a barrage of gags on his Scottish parents and their conservative tendencies – which is surprising when you witness Nichol perform.
For stand up, the show is incredibly theatrical. The superb mimicry and having a brief mini-rave interlude were particular highlights. The appreciation for music was a refreshing note too and a given Nichol was formerly one-third of Corky and the Juice Pigs.

The way Nichol’s mind works is chaotic in the best way imaginable. He is so quick-witted that it is awe-inspiring. His franticness and personal takes on his misadventures are captivating and familiar. One would not be blamed for thinking that Nichol is the love-child of Billy Connolly and Robin Williams. Be prepared to belly laugh; no-one in the room will be able to resist – Nichol will personally make sure of it!

Phil Nichol: Too Much runs until 25 August, Monkey Barrel Comedy, 9pm

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