Review: Aboriginal All-Stars at Assembly

Aboriginal All-Stars bring to the fringe a big, upbeat, belly laugh belter of a show. Acclaimed comedians on the Australian comedy circuit, Kevin Kropinyeri, Steph Tisdell and Andy Saunders each take to the stage to tell stories that evoke both enlightenment and plenty of hearty laughter.

Each comedian radiates warmth and hilarity and each instantaneously creates a welcoming rapport with the audience, an often challenging skill that they lap up effortlessly. Pearls of insights and indigenous history are interwoven into the show and much of their material derives from being aboriginal. A startling only 2% of Australians are aboriginal despite being the worlds oldest civilisations! If you didn’t already know about Australian culture, this show will gently provide you with a warm dosage of cultural learning. 

Far from just a history lesson, the three comedians delight the audience with their unique tongue in cheek, vibrant sense of humour. It is impossible not to chuckle and feel embraced by Kevin Kropinyeri’ mischievous, joyous storytelling. Steph Tisdell is unapologetically cheeky and brimming with zest and original material. Finally, Andy Saunders energetically closes the show with his charmingly rambunctious energy and even hurls in an impressive slice of beatboxing. 

Showcasing to the fringe a diverse smattering of hilarious anecdotes, the trio all share a playful, cheeky vigour that is fun for all. 

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