Review: AJ Holmes: Yeah, but Not Right Now, Underbelly- Cowgate, Belly Dancer

Yeah, but Not Right Now treats audiences to a sensational hour of songs and storytelling, providing a laugh out loud glimpse into the wacky mind of award-winning actor, writer and composer AJ Holmes. 

Following his role in The Book of Mormon on Broadway, London’s West End, San Francisco and Sydney, as well as his time as a staff writer on South Park, it is no surprise that Holmes’ debut is flawless. Controversial but never in bad taste, AJ delights his audience with slick piano melodies, catchy lyrics and wonderfully timed audience interactions. 

His musical talent, combined with his knack for the art of storytelling makes the show a genuine treat to watch. Homes is likeable, silly and flawed, ridiculing himself through songs that reflect on his childhood, relationships and time spent on broadway. 

AJ’s musical skill is apparent in his rich vocals and ability to flawlessly improvise, jumping between, guitar, piano and percussion. In a particular highlight, he uses a loop peddle to bring the three together, harmonising and even using audience participation to create a wonderfully layered and rhythmic melody that is used as a base for a song around his bowel movements. The song is oddly catchy with the emotion of the climactic number of any West-End musical making the whole situation bizarre but hilarious. 

Yeah, but Not Right Now is a must-see for even the biggest musical theatre sceptics. A delightful and hilarious performance from an incredible talent.

AJ Holmes: Yeah, but Not Right Now is at Underbelly- Cowgate at 4.30 pm until the 25th.


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