Review: George Egg at Assembly

George Egg is a man with a big personality and big ideas to match. Bursting on to the stage in the Piccolo venue in George Square Gardens, he fills the room despite its size and his numerous props.

Moveable Feast is that special variety of performance that’s outside most categories. Egg flawlessly blends jokes, cooking tips, obscure facts, and some tongue in cheek poems as he chops, grills, and torches his way through three dishes (vegetarian, fish, and meat). This is Heston Blumenthal crossed with DIY SOS and your car-obsessed uncle.

Egg has the same command of the room as you’d expect from a normal cooking demonstration, but brings a special, infectious joie de vivre to his work. He attracts a pleasant crowd, too, which is good, because the Piccolo (as its name suggests) is a little cosy. None of this is just a gimmick, either; all the food cooked is available outside after the show to taste – I grabbed a forkful of the cement mixer caesar salad, and it tasted damn good (which I never thought would be a sentence I’d have to write). It takes a special mind to come up with the things that Egg does, and he deserves centre stage. Bon appetit!

George Egg is at Assembly George Square Gardens – Piccolo at 4.30 pm until the 25th

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