Review: Jake Lambert: Little Lost Lad at Pleasance Courtyard

From the moment Jake Lambert walks onto the stage, he’s got the audience on side.

A likeable character with his quirky mannerisms, cheesy grin and way with words, his quips and anecdotes about cutting his own hair, his one-eyed cat and tormenting his nieces quickly draws the audience in.

Throughout the hour, Lambert tells us of his ‘hyperthymesia’ (his ability to remember every food he has eaten and when he was eating it on every day), sprinkling dates and names of foods throughout the hour. He also tells of pranks that he has played on family and friends, about ‘training’ his Australian girlfriend to be more British and how his witty humour and comebacks have gotten him into some messy situations involving policemen and religious folk. His tales of his ‘home experiments’ have us convinced that he’s right, it can be fun living on your own with a cat called Richard Parker in a bungalow, and he also shares his difficulties with small talk. This leads to an explanation of why Lambert cuts his own hair – to avoid the hairdressers.

Unlike some comedy shows, the audience was not avoiding eye contact. When Lambert interacted with the audience, he did so positively – usually focusing on his concern for people’s lack of pet insurance – making the hour-long show feel more like a friendly get-together to chat and catch up on Lambert’s adventures as the Little Lost Lad.

Lambert’s quoting of absurd mistruths he has told his two nieces and a barrage of strange facts about otters catalyses laughter that cannot be contained. Through hilarious witticisms and anecdotes, Jake Lambert has marked himself as one to watch with a whimsically funny Fringe debut.

Jake Lambert: Little Lost Lad, Pleasance Courtyard, 6-26 Aug, 6pm

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