Review: Joanne McNally at Assembly George Square

A glass of prosecco is being held by a yellow jumpsuit clad Joanne McNally, as she begins to perform her stand up show The Prosecco Express. Exploring what life is like for unmarried women, she breaks down marriage, children and female friendship in this hilarious piece of comedy.

As the audience files in, McNally is already riffing; she chats and jokes with the audience as we take our seats. Already we are comfortable in her presence. McNally launches into her set by picking on members of the audience and delightfully playing off their reactions with style. We, the audience, find ourselves desperate to be picked on – it is rare that a comedian is so likeable and funny that you wish to be laughed at.

Her jokes around marriage land with uproarious laughter, and even when her jokes are aimed at certain age demographics, she crafts her performance in such a way that no member of the audience is left out – we are all in on the joke. There is a sixteen-year-old in the audience, by far the youngest person there, and McNally’s very adult set could be too much – however, the way McNally includes her in the show means that the adult humour surrounding sex is even funnier.

McNally also includes more controversial humour in her set, however it is so cleverly written that one can not get offended, you can only laugh. McNally does not play on shock value, she plays on real comedic talent, by the end of her set, the audience is whooping with applause. It is clear McNally is a talent to watch out for.

The Prosecco Express is a must-see for those married, single, young and old. If you’re looking to have a smile on your face from beginning to end, then this Irish comic is the one to go see.

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