Review: Maisie Adam at Guilded Balloon

Have you ever made a split second decision and chosen oh so badly wrong? Maisie Adam’s show takes us through the process of picking badly and teaches how to survive the fallout. A minimal set (consisting of a clothesline and a new haircut) gave her plenty of room to pace the stage and rouse a torpid afternoon crowd.

This is Maisie’s second Fringe and her confidence shines in her show’s structure and energetic pacing. Jokes about family, sexcapades and exes are intertwined with the stories of Jagger’s, Bieber’s and Hugh Grant’s very public falls from grace. However, Maisie avoids the trap of turning an hour’s standup into a school assembly with a moral lesson and the show’s denouement is both surprising and rewarding.

Battling with the drums of a Keith Moon tribute act next door, Maisie’s charming and direct stage persona easily carried the audience through the hour, vivifying and teasing an, at times, truculent older audience. One to see!

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