Review: Matt Forde: Brexit Pursued by a Bear

No part of the political spectrum is spared in Matt Forde’s Brexit, Pursued by a Bear. Forde’s act is nothing ground-breaking: A white man stands on a bare stage and tells jokes. But, for those of a political inclination, he ticks all the boxes. Depending on your standpoint, these are dark times we live in, so a bit of comedy is arguably just what the doctor ordered.

Moving from politician to politician, Forde displays a razor-sharp wit and a keen insight. He is also great at voices: When he’s impersonating Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, for instance, it’s almost like they’re in the room, if you just close your eyes. Forde employs clever examples and comparisons that have the whole room chuckling, whether audience-members are leave or remain. The show is, however, heavily biased towards the remain-side, so if you’re a passionate Brexiteer it’s perhaps not one for you.

At times, Forde treads a dangerously thin line when it comes to sensitive issues such as Scottish independence, but his charisma is enough to keep all sides on board. One eyebrow-raising moment is Forde’s claim not to have the problem of dealing with privilege: Really, as a white, presumably straight, middle-class man? Like the BBC, Forde ends up giving those on both the left and the right grounds to be offended, which is a sure sign that he’s getting things right.

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