Review: Micky Overman: Role Model @ Pleasance Courtyard

Chortle Newcomer 2018 nominee Micky Overman’s debut hour Role Model is filled with amusing anecdotes about her attempt to become the best example of one herself. Her role models range from Julie Andrews to Frankie, the 13-year old girl she babysits, however, a good look in the mirror makes her question how she can become the mentor she wishes to be.

She tells us that through the years her ability to misread situations have led her to make some bad life choices, from being stuck on holiday with an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, to sharing a bed with an ex-boyfriend for 6 months, all resulting in some fantastically self-deprecating comedy.

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Complete with a dash of nostalgia and some sweet sentimental moments, the whole show acts as a thank you letter to Frankie, who has allowed Overman to own her past and find a new sense of confidence, turning the mentor into the mentored.

Overman’s quirky personality and stage charisma allows her comedy to flow and keeps the audience engaged throughout the show. Although her set occasionally ventures into the same well trodden tropes of many other comics, the personal twist to this cleverly structured hour allows for many genuine moments of laughter. 

Micky Overman: Role Model, Pleasance Courtyard, 1-26 Aug (not 13), 10.30pm 

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