Review: Police Cops- Badass be Thy Name at Assembly

Don’t let the boisterous title of Police Cops new show Badass be Thy Name deter you. Police Cops yet again indulge their audiences with an audacious and hilarious show. They are champions of punchy physical comedy at its most phenomenal. 

The trio burst onto the stage, their characters are a motley crew of Mancunians from 1999. Performing to a sold-out audience, the set is strikingly minimal but the magic and authentic enticement of their show is that they allow their storytelling and props to electrify the piece. 

Described as a ‘kitchen-sink drama turned into a vampire-slaying horror epic’, Police Cops snappy tempo and quick-witted script is relentless in it’s hilarity and cultural references. The trio craftily compliment each other with their outlandish characterisations and the show looks almost as much of a hoot to perform as it is to watch. 

The attraction of Police Cops’ show is the simple but undeniably clever use of physical comedy, usage of props and stage combat skills. Fuelling the show with a myriad of unpredictable gags, they have the audience erupting in constant laughter. As mentioned, the neatly crafted script is fabulous but the performers show their true mastery in improvisation in the few moments where the scenes saunter off-script. This ultimately makes the audience roar into fits of laughter and makes for a fantastic show. 

A must see! Get your grabby hands on tickets before it completely sells out!

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