Review: The Delightful Sausage- Ginster’s Paradise at Monkey Barrel

Hi-de-Hi! meets Noel’s House Party as Delightful Sausage returns for their third year at the Fringe with Ginster’s Paradise.

Set in the staycation resort of Ginster’s Paradise (think Butlins but on acid), Amy Gledhill and Chris Cantrill star as the Salmoncoats of the holiday park. The show is a mixture of sketch comedy filled with karaoke and competitions while chronicling the duo’s deteriorating friendship.  

The pair are some of the purest comedians you will see during the festival. Able to delve into lewdness and innuendo without taking themselves too seriously, you can tell they are having as much fun as the audience were. There are times when gags appear to be improvised that just adds to their brilliance. Constant in-jokes throughout are Gledhill and Cantrill’s reminder for their audience to just laugh at the absurdity and alleviate any tension they had before entering the room.

Despite only forming in 2017, the double act already possesses charisma equal to legends like The Two Ronnies and are sure to leave a lasting impression. With the seal of approval from Johnny Vegas, who provides a pre-recorded intro to the show, Delightful Sausage successfully mocks everyone and everything without preaching morality or offending people. 

The Delightful Sausage: Ginster’s Paradise runs until 25 Aug, 12 pm, Monkey Barrel

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