Review: Tiff Stevenson – Mother at Monkey Barrel

These days it can seem like the main job of comedians is arguing with people on Twitter, and if you’re politically motivated and intelligent like Tiff Stevenson, clashes are inevitable. The fact that these reactions are amplified when you happen to be a woman is the jumping-off point for her latest hour, when a seemingly innocuous argument in Starbucks became a viral sensation and the trolls came out in force.

This finally seems to be the year when feminist comedy is in fashion, with Jayde Adams and Catherine Bohart leading the charge. In a way, though, they’re playing catch-up to Tiff, who has spent an astonishing nine Fringes unapologetically puncturing the patriarchy. Whether discussing the difficulties of raising a ‘woke’ stepson or coming up with very biological analogies for the irritation caused by Boris Johnson, she isn’t afraid to talk honestly about her experiences as a woman, up to and including abortion. 

In many ways, Tiff epitomises the type of comedian that in years gone past ‘blokes’ would have complained about – too much about periods, not enough about pulling. But mercifully it seems like the open-minded crowd of all genders get a kick out of her material, which ranges from earthy to satirical. Despite a tendency to jump from topic to topic, the laughs keep coming and everybody quite happily goes along for the ride. 

At the end of the show, Tiff tells us she’s off to America soon, so this might be her last Fringe for a while. Be sure to catch her here before her Twitter storms go stateside, possibly for good. 

Tiff Stevenson- Mother is at Monkey Barrel, until 25 Aug, 9.15pm

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