Review: Zoe Lyons – Entry Level Human

Zoe Lyons’ Entry Level Human is an exploration of the times in which intelligence has failed the human race, and how no one is immune to the occasional lapse in reason.

From Brexit to hotel rooms and having to deal with intruder flies in the house, Lyon’s narrative moves from the profound to the mundane effortlessly, and while the material is not exactly groundbreaking – there are a lot of comedians out there who talk about the annoyances of air-travel and living in hotel rooms – Lyons’ delivery is fresh and sincere, not to mention hilarious.

The ease in which she moves through her material is only surpassed by her range of impressions and characters, and her improvisational abilities were proven after a phone went off in the audience, allowing her to laugh at this alongside the audience and utilise it to further the definition of Entry Level Human.

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Lyons friendly and accessible material, combined with an impeccable delivery and relatable multifaceted characters, makes her act an absolute pleasure to watch. It should therefore come as no surprise that the show was sold-out and the venue packed. Zoe Lyons is already a household name, and is likely set to become even bigger, which means that this may be one of your last chances to see her in a smaller and more intimate venue.

For an hour of non-stop laugh-out-loud comedy, there really is no need to go any further. Lyons’ Entry Level Human is entertaining, feel-good comedy that will leave you smiling long after you leave the venue.  

Zoe Lyons – Entry Level Human at Gilded Balloon Teviot, 4-26 Aug, 5.45pm

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