Review:Jen Brister-Under Privilege at Monkey Barrel 3

Jen Brister’s impassioned gig is cathartic viewing for anyone who has been on Twitter at any point since 2016.

It’s clear from promotional material that Jen Brister will be discussing motherhood; specifically, being a mother to twin boys and attempting to bring them up, along with her girlfriend, to be as woke as possible. Upon hearing this, those without children might worry that this show is not for them. Not so. Brister manages to unite everyone who’s child-rearing as well as child fearing. There are jokes at the expense of naïve new parents, excessively middle class, coddling parents as well as the children themselves, but Brister switches things up and reserves her most acerbic material for the uber privileged and their hypocritical king: Toby Young. 

Brister has chosen to hone in on one of today’s causes célébres: the notion of privilege. An interesting choice as she admits, she has chosen to perform at a predominantly white, middle-class arts festival and therefore risks alienating much of her audience and fanbase. Despite this, she does not shy away from skewering middle-class white people and by extension, her life and her family; identifying ways in which most of us watching benefit from inherent privilege. Brister’s show sees her grappling with raising children in 2019 which might seem like standard fare but given the nature of today’s landscape (she hilariously touches on the treatment of Greta Thunberg) we can all relate to the themes of wokeness, privilege and ultra-sensitivity. 

It goes without saying that this show will not please everybody – for anyone who swings more to the right or feels that all advantages are earned – this show is probably not for you.

Jen Brister-Under Privilege is at Monkey Barrel 3 at 7.45 pm until the 25th

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