Review: Rhys James: Snitch at Pleasance Above

This is the show that Rhys James has been building up to for the past five or six years and he smashes it out of the park with all the confidence in the world and no sign of hesitation. With breakneck delivery at his disposal, James hits the ground running onto a full speed treadmill and the pace is relentless for the full hour. 

Perhaps down to his poetic background, each line feels well measured and placed; like Marie Kondo’s living room, there’s not a spot of clutter to be seen. 

There’s so much to relate to in this hour of self-assessment on the first twenty-eight years of his life, particularly for those that likewise went to school in the ‘90s. Observational anecdotes recall French lessons, school trips and measuring the playground with a trundle wheel. 

With the skill of a comic mind-reader, he’s able to pre-empt audience questions and explain the slightly more niche references un-patronisingly to ensure no audience member is left behind. James takes audience disruptions in his stride and weaves them into the show without losing the initial thread. 

Structurally, the show is a masterclass in stand-up which ticks all the boxes. Whilst he may not be ready to admit his credentials for fame, he’s a gift to the circuit thanks to his hard graft over the years. The sky’s the limit for Rhys James and deservedly so.

Rhys James: Snitch at Pleasance Above, until 25 Aug 6:30pm.

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