Review: Robin Morgan: What a Man, What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man (Say it Again Now) at The Pear Tree (Main Room)

‘Arrive early’ they said.  It wasn’t until I saw the massive line of spectators waiting outside The Pear Tree to be seated, that these words meaning sunk in. 

As an established stand-up, warm-up artist and writer with an amazing repertoire under his belt, it’s no surprise that filling the room takes longer than anticipated. However, once in place, Morgan is quick to the punch and makes storytelling and comedy seem easy.

Living in a world where toxic masculinity is vast, and double standards are ample Robin Morgan questions what it means to be a man, and what makes a good male role model today.

Becoming a Father to his now two-year-old son has helped Morgan realise that even though he has had a good relationship with his father, he has never been able to say ‘I love you’ to due to the expectations of masculinity.

Morgan’s cheeky charisma and natural storytelling talent has the audience laughing alongside him, and enthusiastically joining in when prompted to do so.  With millennial and dad jokes constantly coming, the hour flows naturally.

Crying with laughter is not an option at Robin Morgan: What a Man. But this light-hearted and at times heart-pulling comedy set – which spreads a much needed positive message – could possibly make you choke up or even shed a tear for the brave role model that stands before you.

Robin Morgan: What a Man, What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man (Say it Again Now), The Pear Tree (Main Room),  1st – 25TH August (Not 12th), 4:05 pm

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