Review: Sam Morrison: Hello, Daddy! at Just the Tonic at Marlin’s Wynd

To the blare of Lizzo, in enters the impish Sam Morrison, who upon sitting on his stool, begins to describe his desire for daddies. Hairy, fat, old, daddies. This is Hello, Daddy!, a show where Morrison does not shy away from the sexual details.

Morrison switches between telling the tale of his meet-cute with a Seth Rogen lookalike, and the story of his closeted life – with some particularly hilarious jokes about his dad and masturbation habits – the show is funny and seems very relatable to the predominantly male audience.

One of his greatest strengths in this show is his ability to tease the audience, as he often picks members out of the crowd in an attempt to ruffle their feathers and have some banter. Morrison was sadly the victim of a less enthusiastic audience, but with a better crowd, there is a definite future for this show.

What is surprising about this comedic set is the heart behind it; at its core it’s the story of a young closeted gay man trying to find his way in the world. The ending, in particular, is very heartwarming, and the pathos is truly palpable. 

Hello, Daddy! is a great show in the making, and Sam Morrison has a natural comedic talent that will definitely take him far. With a better audience and some more confidence in his set, this is a show that will definitely only get better and better. The potential is high – and if anything, the show should be commended for its funny and frank discussion of a gay person’s early sexual experiences. 

Sam Morrison: Hello, Daddy!, Just the Tonic at Marlin’s Wynd – Just the Wyndy Room, August 15 – 25th, 5.25pm

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