Review: Sara Barron: Enemies Closer at Pleasance Courtyard (Upstairs)

If you were to judge your friends on their humour and love for comedy alone, and some of them told you they had no idea who Sara Barron was, the verdict would be that they’ve probably been living under a rock, living a life without laughter.

The American writer turned stand up has been living in London since meeting her husband.  She begins her set by telling us how much her life has changed since the move, not only has she lost her positive ‘American dream’ attitude, but she has gained the good all British pessimism that comes from living in the UK and with getting older.

Barron’s newfound perceptiveness has the audience roaring with laughter from start to finish.  We relate with every story she tells, and we know every person she knows in what way or another. The relationships, friendships, secret judgements, exes, frenemies and enemies, we’ve been through it all.

At first glance, Barron probably looks like a small and petite woman unable to cause damage to a fly, however great things come in small packages. Give her a microphone and an audience and Barron is a filthy and uncensored force to be reckoned with.  

Unapologetically shameless Barron pours herself out on stage, never taking herself too seriously she is the friend we all wish we had. If you were to judge Sara Barron on one review alone, do it from this one. FINAL VERDICT: Sara Barron: Enemies Closer is a must-see show at this years Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival.

Sara Barron: Enemies Closer at Pleasance Courtyard (Upstairs), 31st July- 25th August (not the 13th), 8.30pm.

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