Review: Seann Walsh at Pleasance Dome

Whatever you think about Seann Walsh, or tabloid media storms, or the advisability of taking a very public, personal trainwreck (out of which he didn’t escape professionally undamaged) and making it into his Edinburgh show, he is still a great comic.

This is not a pity party and it is not an apology. It’s a high energy blast through a career in which Seann has consistently, according to him, clutched defeat from the jaws of victory. We already know the TV résumé of Seann Walsh, and there are hundreds of good comics who would give a kidney for the chances he’s thrown away. But there is, in the eye of the storm of his professional disasters, a superb live performer and, as laugh after laugh rolls across the audience, you find yourself wondering what’s wrong with the producers of Would I Lie to You? and cheering when Prince Charles sides with Seann.

Of course he talks about Strictly Come Dancing and the horror of having the media unleash hell upon you. He’s still getting a cheap laugh out of Neil’s sexuality, but generally he tells a Strictly story that verges on the tragic as he plummets, like a reverse Proclaimer, from happiness to misery. Yet again, his skills as a performer fill all narrative cracks and silence all questions. Yes, he even dances, albeit his solo Charleston is barely worth lifting a paddle.

If you’re a fan of Seann Walsh you will be thrilled with this very personal hour, and really feel for him as he shouts his innocence at the charges of gaslighting and all his ex’s other accusations. If you’re a fan of comedy you’ll see a massive talent punching his way out of the wreckage. Either way, it’s a terrific show.

Seann Walsh: After This One, I’m Going Home, Pleasance Dome, 31st Jul – 25th Aug (not 12), 8.30pm

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