Review: Simon Munnery – Alan Parker Urban Warrior Farewell Tour

Young people of Britain, this review is an appeal to all of you. Go and see Alan Parker Urban Warrior. Go and learn from the man who pretty much invented being against stuff. You might think that ruining a cappuccino by enforced use of soya milk or boycotting frappes because they have the word rape in them is protest enough, but Alan will show you the way to take your direct action to new levels.

Alan is all about direct action. Almost before he has protested technology and highlighted the problem with the Birmingham 6, he has empowered a woman in the front row and gifted us at least three great catchphrases. He talks us though some of the tools of rebellion, many of which he has about his person, and does something with a tin of chickpeas I am willing to bet you’ve never seen.

Alan fearlessly tackles The Madonna Issue, The Travel Issue and Anti-Semitism, his solution to the latter being pretty much a showstopper. Alan is an absolute masterpiece of simplistic thought. His logic has its own path and his enthusiasm for sticking it to ‘the man’ is undimmed by decades of abject failure. Tales of his (originally four piece, ultimately doomed) band have the room rocking with laughter, his argument for meat is brutal but persuasive and, in dealing with the disabled and women (separately, they do get equal rights to his attention), goes places only a truly fearless bringer-down of more or less everything would dare to go.

Age has not diminished this man, who made shouting a weapon of revolution and whose placards galvanised a generation. Surely even Jeremy Corbyn is simply following the Urban Warrior’s rallying cry to “Keep it vague”. This is vintage Parker, fighting and shouting on, and we need him more than ever to inspire us with his artwork, his slogans and his radical solutions.

Simon Munnery: Alan Parker Urban Warrior Farewell Tour, The Stand, 1-26 Aug (not 12), 3.20pm

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