Review: Sir David and his Animals at Gilded Balloon Old Tolbooth Market (Bottom)

If I told you that you could find exotic animals such as; a komodo dragon, a sloth, vibrant snakes, various birds and even a blue whale living their everyday lives in a dark, hot, small room at the Tolbooth Market in this year’s fringe you probably wouldn’t believe me. 

Nevertheless, that is exactly what happens when you fill a room with an expecting audience and introduce them to the hilarity and talent of Clownfish Theatre.

Creators Jess Clough-MacRae and Jonathan Tilley do an amazing job bringing to life unforgettable moments from David Attenborough’s nature documentaries. Using only their physicality, facial expressions and vocal ability, they transport their audience around the world creating one hilarious moment after another.

With such minimalist performance, increased only by a humorous score there is no doubt that Clough-MacRae and Tilley are masters of their craft. The audience’s laughter roared throughout what seemed the fastest of hours, and we were left wanting more.

Not only is Sir David and His Animals an energy-ridden show full of joy but, hidden within all the laughter and clowning, this amazing little show has a nice reminder and unique approach to the ecological damage we face today.
With so many shows to pick from at this years Edinburgh’s Fringe it’s sad to think about those that are easily missed out due to traffic, variety and short runs. With just over a weeks run at this year’s Fringe make sure Sir David and his Animals it’s not one of them.  This clever little show is perfect as a starter to a Fringe day out.

Sir David and his animals, Gilded Balloon Old Tolbooth Market (Bottom), 7th-18th August (Not 12th,13th), 12:15pm

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