Review: Sofie Hagen - The Bumswing at PleasanceDome

Sofie Hagen, dressed entirely in scarlet, begins to tell us the story of her sex holiday in Swansea. This is the basis for her show Sofie Hagen: The Bumswing, which intersperses stand up comedy with storytelling. We are treated to an exploration of Hagen’s completely awful memory, particularly that surrounding strawberries and chickens.

With a completely full house, the atmosphere before Hagen steps out on stage is electric. Her ensemble is bold and her demeanour is confident. This show is not your typical stand up comic show however, as it introduces non-linear storytelling, whereupon the audience is rewarded for listening. This means that the crowd hangs on her every word waiting for the punchline. Hagen does not simply tell us the story of the bumswing, or of her sex holiday in Swansea. Instead, this is a show that is complex and includes a multitude of hilarious mini-stories, that all interconnect so that upon the final joke, they are weave together into a big picture of hilarity and wit.

Hagen also introduces theatrical devices such as music, recordings, props and the use of an iPad. It is clear that this Danish comic is too smart for a simple comedy routine, and these devices uplift the humour.

However, what truly makes this show a one of a kind, is the ending. An emotional twist on an extremely funny set, the audience share a moment of compassion with Hagen. This is juxtaposed against the absolutely brilliant final punchline and rounds off the show perfectly.

Sofie Hagen is astounding, sparkling, and charming. The Bumswing is witty, cleverly paced and packs an emotional punch. From Hagen’s confidence to baring herself (metaphorically and literally) on stage, to the uproarious laughter she elicited, this show is a gem of this year’s Fringe.

Sofie Hagen: The Bumswing, Pleasance Dome – QueenDome, until 25th Aug, 7pm

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