Review: Steff Todd: Reality Check at Just Out The Box, Just the Tonic at the Caves

Steff Todd opens strong, striding on to stage and filling the small room with a bright smile and some classic Yorkshire charm. The show starts promisingly, with the premise being that we’ll have a walk through one of Steff’s Saturday evenings and together decide if she does need a reality check.

Even if you’ve not watched Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea, Love Island or any of the like, there’s still plenty to enjoy in Reality Check. It clips along nicely, leaving me surprised that it was already done by the finish, and it owes that good pace to some on-point expressions and excellent one-liners, as you’d expect from her internet and TV appearances.

As Steff herself says, stand up doesn’t always need a “point” to be good (a sentiment sabotaged somewhat by her finishing with a moral, but hey ho). It does, however, need some kind of structure, and this is where Reality Check falls down a little. The set meanders quite a bit without ever quite tying everything together. A show that covers a lot of bases can be a fine thing, but here there’s a feeling that this is more a case of too many ingredients. Several points could be developed further, but instead are just… dropped. If you’re looking for something to start a long haul day of Fringe shows, it’s great to whet the appetite, but it’s not quite a main course.

Steff Todd: Reality Check is at Just Out The Box, Just the Tonic at the Caves at 2 pm

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