Review: Susie McCabe – Domestic Disaster at Assembly

The last time I saw someone this cutting in a shipping container I was watching an episode of Dexter. Five minutes in and Glaswegian stand-up, Susie McCabe has already referenced her snug Fringe venue several times. It’s done with delicious deadpan humour and the shoe-horned-in crowd love it.

After 16 years together, Susie split from her wife and moved back home to Mum and Dad’s. It’s like The Broons with added bile as the 39-year-old describes her temporary new living arrangements. She and all her worldly possessions (25 pairs of Adidas Sambas and some Tracy Chapman CDs) are banished to the attic while her mum reverts to being her pants-purchaser-in-chief and her dad throws in a few droll one-liners from the comfort of his La-Z-Boy.

Self-deprecation is Susie’s strongest suit. Descriptions of her ‘haggis and a hug’ first tentative forays back into the Glasgow dating scene and particularly her fake TripAdvisor romantic reviews bring the house down. There’s great physicality too. An extended story of trying to get in bed without disturbing her new partner – a ridiculously light-sleeper – after a gig is beautifully re-enacted. It’s like Mr Bean with added banter.

There’s a quite brilliant royal roasting for the Queen and some harsh words too for the Kardashians and women’s magazines (‘toxic bibles’) as she discusses female role models. The set finishes with an honest, utterly refreshing appraisal of women-to-women sexism and internalised misogyny.

Susie, a former electrician on building sites, has constructed an intelligent observational set that’s packed with laughs. Her days of shipping container gigs may well be numbered. On this sort of form she’ll soon be playing much larger venues. Definitely time for her mum to break out her best biscuit stash in celebration.

Susie McCabe: Domestic Disaster, Assembly George Square, 31 Jul – 25 Aug, 8pm

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