Review: Tania Edwards: Don’t Mention It at Monkey Barrel Comedy

Tania Edwards had one message her audience in this year’s Fringe: to repress your emotions and keep it all in. But do not let the dark and bitter note of this message deter you from watching her. Edwards has crafted a show that is rich with dark humour and hilarious one-liners accompanied by her sharp wit. There is something refreshing and genuine in her dark and brutal sense of humour that never falls too far into offensive material. 

The butt of her jokes is mainly her husband, but there is still a sense of love towards her family behind the sturdy, sharp exterior that brings lighter moments to the act. There were more light-hearted moments as Edwards gauged the audience’s limits, especially the younger members, but these never detracted from the show’s outrageous humour. 

Edwards is relentless in her punchline delivery, each one met with resounding laughter from the entire room. It’s her articulate manner, bourgeois demeanour and superb handle over the English language that breathes life into the show. Each anecdote is told with a straight-forward edge and effortlessly clipped with a witty punchline. Tania Edwards has mastered her craft.

Tania Edwards: Don’t Mention It is at Monkey Barrel Comedy until 25th August (Not 14), 4PM

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